Australian couple with dwarfism have three children against all odds

What a beautiful family!


I guess it is in the humans’ nature to get curious about other people’s lives and ask a bunch of questions regarding their privacy. It’s not that all people are like this, but the fact is that majority tend to stick their noses in other people’s business. Take new married couples for example. The moment they tie the knot, those around them want to know when they are having a baby. Once they become parents, everyone is eager to learn when and if a second one is on the way.

In the case of Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen from Australia, a lot of people showed their concerns of why they made the decision to have babies. The thing is that both Charlie and Cullen have different forms of dwarfism and people often criticize them for having children. Crazy, isn’t it?

When Charlie gave birth to their first daughter, she shared the news on her Instagram account. Little did she know, however, that her life and her privacy would make so many people mad for something that’s not their business in the first place.

When she got pregnant with their third child, Charlie took to Instagram to share the struggles and all the procedures she had to go through, such as painful genetic testing. With each of the pregnancies, the babies were likely to inherit one or another form of dwarfism. They, however, could be of average height, or even inherit both their mom’s and dad’s form of dwarfism, which would be fatal, according to doctors.

“However when most at 12 weeks are celebrating the joy of being able to announce pregnancy, I was lining up for Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS – similar to an Amniocentesis) – that’s a massive needle through my abdomen to take a sample of placenta that carries a 2% rate of miscarriage, in order to test the genetic makeup of my baby.”

Daughters Tully and Tilba both have dwarfism, so the parents wanted to find out whether their third bundle of joy would have it too. In case he had both forms, the pregnancy had to be terminated. “If I can bring this little one into the world come March 2021, or if his or her journey finishes here.”

Luckily, baby Rip was welcomed into the world in February of this year and he’s thriving, just like his big sisters.

“I’ve copped criticism for choosing to have babies with these odds and that’s a whole conversation in itself, however by sharing this tiny piece of the puzzle those who doubt can see that bringing a child into this world with my odds is no simple decision and it’s all about being kind,” Charlie wrote.

The happy mom added: “I’m tired but I’m feeling ever so grateful and lucky. There’s no ‘correct’ way to do motherhood, but I’m sure as anything there’s no ‘wrong’ way either.”

We are so very happy for this beautiful family of five and we wish them only the best that life can bring.