Wounded warrior and his family gifted specially adapted smart home

Gary Sinise has changed yet another life for the better.


We have talked many times about the kind deeds actor Gary Sinise is doing for the veterans, first responders, and those in need of help. However, the truth is that no matter what we say it won’t be enough to describe this man’s impact on society. Through his Gary Sinise Foundation, Lt. Dan has built more than 60 adapted homes for the wounded veterans as a thank you for their sacrifice and for everything they do for our country.


One of the people whose life was drastically changed for the better thanks to Gary Sinise is retired Army Major Jeremy Haynes. This brave man who is a husband and a father of four served in Afghanistan but was severely injured during an accident in which he got shot and was left paralyzed. He had a hard time getting used to his new life and was barely able to navigate through the place where his family lived.

Recently, however, Haynes was gifted a brand new home adapted especially for his needs. When he and his family saw their new Virginia house, they were left speechless. Haynes’ wife, Chelsea, who is a soldier herself, was over the moon.

Facebook / Gary Sinise Foundation

“I was stumbling over my words because I couldn’t capture just the overwhelming joy that I felt,” Haynes told ABC 7 News.

“Finally there’s a home where we can actually grow together.”

Jeremy is now able to navigate through the space more independently.

“There’s a big difference between a 24-inch door and a 36 indoor,” he said. “That difference is the ability to tuck your kids in at night, being able to read them a bedtime story.

“Another amazing feature is the iPad. It controls the entire home from turning on the lights to the security features.”

Facebook / Gary Sinise Foundation

Sinise was glad he could make a change in this veterans life. “The house that stands before us is a small symbol of that gratitude and a deep respect from a grateful nation,” the actor said.

Thank you, Gary Sinise, you truly are one of a kind.

Facebook / Gary Sinise Foundation

If you want to see the Haynes family reaction on being given a new home go to the video below. Touching, indeed!