Truck Crash Kills Mother Of Three And Her Children, Dad Is Heartbroken In Disbelief How It Happened


Edward and 29 years old Lindsey Schmidt, were married, they were raising their children, 6 years, 4 years and 1 years old. They lived in Beecher, Illinois and Lindsey was pregnant again.

Lindsey had signed up her sons for bible school during the holidays, it was a Monday morning, and she had put her children into their car seats of their 2014 Subaru Outback.

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She drove them to their bible school that day, but also a 2002 Chevrolet pickup had missed the stop signs and smashed into the side of her vehicle, pushing the Subaru off the side of the road into a field.

The Man driving the truck was 25 years old, he sustained minor injuries but required surgery.

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Sadly the 1 year old Caleb and his unborn brother or sister died instantly, however Owen 6, and Weston 4, were put on life support at Comer’s Children’s Hospital.

They both died in the hospital and their grieving father, now widower, had hanging over him the grim truth that he would have to bury his wife and all his children.

Gepostet von Eric Horng ABC7 am Montag, 24. Juli 2017

For someone to shoot through a stop sign and cause such a terrible accident is unimaginable, its difficult to imagine anything that could distract someone to do that, but some of us already perhaps have a theory!

Texting and driving are a lethal combination and immensely distracting, but it hos not been proved that this was the cause of the accident. A citation was initially issued to the driver, but then dismissed.

It doesn’t seem that anyone knows exactly what caused this awful accident, however investigations are ongoing, authorities are investigating any clues that will lead to a discovery of what did really happen that day.

Everyone wants answers, but only time will tell in this case if that ever happens. The community is very close and heartbroken over such a loss to everyone, still all the community anxiously waits for more news as to what happened.

When YOUR driving, please do be careful, it could save someone’s life!

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