Miles From Civilization A Family Sees A Distant Blur While On Their Boat, It Then Starts Swimming Towards Them?


Nikitina’s family were on vacation during this summer, but they had no clue what would transpire. They would, in fact, and in surprise, be bringing home a new family member!

While having a fun day out sailing on the black sea and taking some time to swim and venture far out into the sea, way beyond the mainland, they didn’t know they would have a surprise…

The family passed a remote island and heard a strange sound, at first they couldn’t work out the noise, but thought that a faint black animal was yelping over near a cluster or rocks not far from the island shore.

Natalia Nikitina said:

The sound gradually intensified. At first it was nearly invisible, but then I could see this black spot moving in the distance

When they started to get closer, they then began to realize that the strange black dot was, amazingly, a little kitten!

As soon as the kitten saw them it tried its hardest to get closer to them and call out for help. Somehow she had got stranded alone on the island….

How did they even hear those tiny meows?!

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Natalia said:

She jumped over the stony bank, following our voices. She jumped from stone to stone, and crossed the snags

The family thought it was ultimately clear to them that they must rescue the kitten, but the island shores were too shallow to get even close.

The kitten took measures into her own paws and she jumped into the sea and swam to the boat, the family quickly got into the water and scooped her safely into the boat.

They dried her and looked after her and apart from being exhausted and starving, she was just fine. The family adopted her, a perfect match for each other, and named her Aurora, an amazing happy ending to an amazing storey!

How Aurora could have ended up alone on that island is a mystery, but, the family thinks she was left there by other people, luckily she was drawn to their voices.

If they hadn’t happened to be boating that day and passing the island, Aurora may never have been rescued and perished. Now she is living happily ever after!

Спасение котёнка ! Назвали Аврора,теперь живёт у нас.

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The family says:

She always wants to be close to people

The family is really grateful that they found Aurora. They had no idea their day out on the Black Sea would bring them such an amazing gift!!