Dog Chases Google Street View Camera and ‘Ruins’ Every Frame

It looks like the dog 'fell in love' with the Google Street View camera as he wouldn't stop chasing it.


Google has proved many times that its products are very useful and handy in the everyday life. Google Maps and Google Street View in particular are the two Google products that are not just useful, but sometimes quite essential for finding your way out of a certain location problem.

However, Google Maps and especially Google Street View give us the pleasure to see something more than a map. Unintentionally, Google Street View lets us see some everyday personal things, violent captured moments and even some hilarious situations. The story from Kumage, Japan is equally hilarious and cute.

The moment one little dog saw the Google Team’s van on the street, it immediately ‘fell in love’.

And what does a dog do when it sees something interesting?

It gets the initial position…

… and starts chasing! I mean, real chase!

The moment you think the chase will be short…

…is the moment when you are mistaken. The dog does not give up!

These photos amused thousands of people on the Internet. The dog’s interest in the vehicle and his decision to ‘get the van’ is so cute. This unexpected ‘intruder’ in the camera’s frames is just adorable. People’s reactions are excellent.

See how ‘stubborn’ this dog is!

The dog’s plan was apparently to follow the car up the end of the street.

Luckily, the street is a dead end.

Now the dog can relax a bit.

Dogs, and animals in general, pleasantly surprise us. This situation in Japan is an evidence of that. No wonder why dogs are one of the most loved pets in world!