These 9 Things Happen When You Stop Drinking Alcohol for a Month

It doesn't take long to start noticing big changes.


Since drinking of alcohol on regular basis is very common, even we strangers to the spirits cannot be quite aware of the changes the alcohol does to our  bodies. Alcohol affects our mental and emotional status and people react differently to it. However, alcohol affects out physical body as well.

The story shared by the Reedit user ‘Ateepeemadeofpeepee’ is unbelievable. At first glance, you would think the pictures he posted are of two different people, probably relatives. However, the facts tell us something completely different story.

The pictures are actually his own. The person took the second photo 220 days later than the first one. Interestingly, on the first photo he looks somehow quite older. How did he do that? If that’s the question you are asking, the answer is very simple. He stopped drinking alcohol.

220 days passed since he stopped drinking alcohol.  Personally amazed by the changes, he decided to share his story with the world. He posted the photos and wrote:

“Sobriety has given me many things back but this one is the easiest to see.”

His story went viral. Everyone were amazed by the obvious physical changes. However, other questions remained unanswered. Are there any other changes besides the facial ones once a person stops drinking alcohol? The answer is yes. There are many other improvements of the body once the alcohol is cut out.

Here is a list of nine common changes when the alcohol is not consumed.

1. Your net worth swells

This is the first thing that’s noticed by the people. You save a lot of money once you stop buying alcohol. This is also noted by the study named ‘Dry January’ conducted by University of Sussex.

2. You sleep better

The same study conducted by the University of Sussex shows that 71% of participants said that they sleep better when the alcohol is cut out.

3. Your skin looks and feels healthier

There is also improvement of the skin. It looks fresh and younger. 54% of participants noticed an improvement regarding the skin.

4. Your weight drops

Alcohol is known for the ’empty calories’. These calories are not nutritious, but they go right to gut. Therefore, 58% of the participants told us that they have lost some weight during the research.

5. You are less distracted

Alcohol is usually drank to put you in the ‘party mood’. However, it does not improve the sharpness of the brain. 57% of the sober participants noted that their thinking is sharper when no alcohol is drank.

6. You are able to re-assess your idea of ‘fun’

Participants reported that they have realized that they do not need alcohol to be funny or enjoy life.

7. You feel healthier

Having no hangovers means healthier and happier body. This was reported by 70% of participants.

8. You gain perspective on your drinking patterns

Once you stop drinking alcohol on regular basis, you gain a ‘control of the drinking pattern’. Additionally, many reported that they have understood or realized their relationship with the alcohol.

9. You feel a sense of achievement

What’s most important, you will feel a ‘sense of achievement’ once you stop drinking it. This was reported by 93% of the participants in the research.

Have you got anything to add to this list? What’s your experience, if there is such? We would like to see what’s the people’s experience and reaction regarding this issue.