These 18 Kids Brought a Whole New Meaning to ‘Logic’ On Their Homework Assignments

These kids definitely have some nerve.


When you are a student, you feel the pressure of the examination and the stress of having a test. We mostly hated school just because of that – having a lot of assignments and test. We thought those things will never end.

Many times we felt quite unprepared for these kinds of examinations. The assessment of our work made us feel nervous and sometimes angry. However, we have all been creative in avoiding these tests or, in case we can’t avoid them, we have given our best to improvise and get the good mark by pure luck.

Kids come up with very interesting and innovative ‘tricks’ or answers to solve the problems. Not prepared for the test? You haven’t studied for the tomorrow’s test or homework? No problem, just improvise. These kids and their answers tell exactly this. There isn’t any assignment that can’t be done.

Let’s see how these kids tried to  ‘outsmart the teacher’.

  1. Google Translate?

This student lives in China, and he’s learning English. We think he might be using Google Translate to do his homework.

2. Stating the Obvious

That’s definitely one thing that ended.

3. Clarification Needed

This student isn’t exactly “wrong.” Maybe “solve for x” would’ve been better phrasing for this question.

4. Genius Answers

Every answer is wrong, yet so very right.

5. 100 Years Old

There’s truth here. Maybe the question should have asked about a younger age.

6. Mariah Carey

When you’re right, you’re right, but we’re sure the teacher was looking for a different answer.

7. Problems and Solutions

We’re assuming this kid’s parents don’t coddle him at home.

8. Thinking Outside the Box

Then Miranda wouldn’t be able to see the microscope either.

9. “I Don’t Have a Sister”

That’s one way to get out of doing your homework.

10. The Future

Goals are important.

11. The Length of a Football

This does make sense.

12. “A Lot”

We’re thinking the answer was supposed to be more specific.

13. Nerd Alert

That’s one opinion.

14. Shapes

These are nice names.

15. Vegetables

We wish these were all vegetables!

16. Solving Math Problems

This is certainly a thoughtful answer.

17. Feelings

This would be incredibly scary.

18. Alphabetical Order

Wow. This student put much more work into answering this question than was intended.