Dog Gives Owner The Side Eye At The Vet’s Office

The closer he got to his dog the funnier this gets. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.


Dogs. Those who own one and get to spend their days around them know what true happiness really is. Their antics are like no other, and they possess the ability to make everyone’s day. It’s not that I say cats and other animals don’t make great pets, but let’s get honest, nothing really beats dogs.

They have facilitated people’s life for centuries, as they not only make great companions, but awesome service dogs, therapy dogs, and valuable members of the police forces too. Whenever we feel down and betrayed by those we trusted the most, the dogs are there to remind us that not everything is as bad as it looks, and to assure us over and over again that they would never leave our side. Having a dog means having someone you can always rely on and a best friend for life. The time we spend with them is precious, and we must never take it for granted, because no matter how sad it sounds, they are likely to leave this world before we do.

But, no matter how brave our canines are, there is something that makes them feel anxious. Any guesses what it might be? The veterinarian, of course. Just like small children, dogs are likely to be afraid of doctor’s visits. This is the reason they may behave in a strange, very likely fun manner, whenever the check-up time is around the corner. The sweet dog from the video below is no exception. But the best thing about him is that we don’t really know how he feels. Scared, or a bit confused and puzzled maybe. What we know for sure is that he’s in anticipation of leaving the place and based on his hilarious stare, he blames his owner for placing him there.

It’s not surprising that the video had been seen millions of times, because no matter if you are a dog lover or not, this is so hilarious that you can’t stop watching it over and over again. Some people even say how the sweet dog resembles actor Samuel L. Jackson.

This dog definitely knows how to make his human feel guilty, and it doesn’t involve any movement or barking. His eyes speak for him, that’s for sure.

We are sure that this feeling of being a bit mad at his owner won’t last long and these two would continue having fun once the vet is out of the picture.

Take a look at the fun side eye this owner got and remember, you can’t hide from your dog!