Ellen Surprises Teacher With a Generous Gift

This young teacher is incredible - and what Ellen does for her made tears stream down my face.


Brantley School District is located in one of the poorest counties of Georgia. This means the school and the students struggle with the shortage of finances and resources for proper functioning. The school motto  ‘Reach every student, every day’ is tightly connected to the school’s difficult situation.

The message of the school reached Ashlyn and Brent, a married local couple. They live near the school and that allows them to do something for the kids and the school itself. She travels to the school on regular basis and tries to make a difference for the children.

The poor living condition of the kids is a major problem and it motivated Ashlyn’s actions. Furthermore, the insufficient funding of the school is a major problem for proper functioning of the institution and achieving the desirable results. Luckily, besides Ashlyn and her husband, Ellen’s done something that may help the school to widespread their message across the nation.

Materialism is not the only thing that the students need. The goal or the plan is to make every student feel special. Furthermore, promoting the students’ values and their capabilities and skills is another thing this couple is fighting for. They need to know that someone does care for them. The teachers of the school add that they want to follow Angel Scwindt’s  quote:

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”