Affordable tiny home-in-a-box costs next to nothing

Ever dreamed of having a backyard retreat, guest house, or man cave? Now you can have one for less than $5,000.


Many people dream of luxurious big houses, with several bedrooms and grand expensive bathrooms. However, there are people who just love simple and small houses, avoiding huge expenses. Furthermore, having a big house means lots of money for maintenance, while simple houses do no require expensive repairing and fixing. What’s even  better, simple houses can be afforded by almost anyone, without any major impact over the family budget.

The Lillevilla Escape

Lillevilla Escape is the name of a single-room small house. This simple house is made of one big room and it is sold on Amazon for just $4,200. Lillevilla manufacturer’s 113 square feet plan of the house is very simple and it’s all in one. Another positive side, besides its low price and simplicity, is the relatively short time period for installation of the house itself.

The order is placed on-line and it takes less than a month to be shipped and transported to the desired location. The house weighs some 3,000 pounds and it provides a comfortable place for those who will purchase it. In order to cut down the expenses on heating or cooling, the manufacturer recommends adding insulation.

Assembling is easy!

You get everything with the purchase, except tools. The assembling is very easy and it only takes two people to do the job. Of course, you will need the tools, but once you supply them, the house can be assembled relatively quickly.    

Inside the house

The house has all elements of any other house. The big room provides comfortable and lovely living space. The arrangements of the elements are up to the owner, but anyhow, the room is big enough to place sofa, armchairs and a table. Adding decoration on the walls makes this room even more pleasant for the eyes.

You can always remodel, add or remove elements. Using decor, night tables and  lamps may improve the room’s comfort. Personal elements, pictures or souvenirs, add ‘soul’ to the room and make the house warm. Changing elements is up to the owner and the inside of the house reflects the owner’s vision of comfort.  

One beautiful and very useful feature of the house is the accessibility to the outdoors. The main room opens directly outside, no halls or passages, directly into the yard. This house may be very useful for those people who enjoy being in direct contact with the nature.

The porch is unavoidable!

You can’t skip the porch. People who purchase these types of houses enjoy installing the porch since it’s one of the house’s best feature. Having a porch in front of the house with a direct view of the nature is just great. Adding to this few chairs and a table, the comfort and the joy are guaranteed.

Additional options

With $4,200 you can purchase the basic plan or design of the house. However, if you do have the money and the desire to buy something extra, Lillevilla offers extra elements. Whenever you feel like you need extra windows, shutters, flower boxes or doors, you just make the purchase. The installation of these extra elements is also easy and very fast.   

These houses are eco-friendly. This house is just perfect for those people who do not want to have a major impact on the environment. The materials are not hazardous and the impact on the nature is minimal. Lillevilla House is the perfect house for nature lovers and nature activist. This small house offers huge comfort and environment-friendly shelter.