Video: Heartwarming moment little girl sings sweet song to her great-grandmother

Get some tissues ready before watching this sweet video. It's sure to bring tears to your eyes.


It has been scientifically proven how spending more time around the grandchildren results in increased life span of the grandmas and grandpas. This is something the parents of little Sophie know all too well and they make sure their little one spends some quality time with the elderly family members.

Sweet Sophie first met her great-grandma back in 2015 and the two became practically inseparable ever since. Her mom and dad weren’t really sure how both their daughter and the great-granny would react when they see each other for the first time because the old lady suffered from dementia. But it turned out, introducing them to one another was the best thing they could do.

Since then, Sophie visited her great-grandma who lived in Lowestoft, United Kingdom, numerous time and they had so much fun together that the videos of their unique encounters were shared with the whole world.

The moment Sophie saw the sweet lady, she got closer and started singing to her while the two snuggled into each other. The air in the room was filled with the lovely voice and the lyrics of the song “You Are My Sunshine.” This really was a moment to cherish and to remember.

“Sophie 1st visit to her great nana ( who has suffered dementia) and grandad,” Miller wrotein August 2015. “We were worried what her reaction would be but what happen next surprised us.”

Yvonne Miller, Sophie’s grandma, was the one taking the videos they later shared on the social media. People who got to see them agree how this is the right way of raising a child, by teaching them how to love and respect the elderly.

Unfortunately, the great-grandma passed in October, 2017, but the videos are there to remind little Sophie of the special place this lady had in her heart and in her life while growing up.

“Am sad to say that our Mam/nana and great-nana has passed away yesterday morning,” Yvonne Miller wrote in the caption on Oct. 11, 2017.

“My heart breaks that we only missed her passing by a few minutes but I think that’s what she wanted.”

“She suffered with dementia the last couple of years. She now can rest in peace. She taught me so much on how to be a good mother and now a good nana,” Miller wrote.

“She was a strong women in every way and I looked up to her so much. Her quirky personality will live through us all and she will be missed by all her family and everyone that knew and loved her ❤❤❤.”

We are certain that the last days of this great-grandma’s life were filled with happiness. At least she knew she was loved and cared for thanks to the girl with a big heart and her family who taught her to respect her grandparents.