Soccer girls freeze during game as everyone hears unmistakable sound

Parents at this soccer game were confused when every player on the field stopped playing and turned towards the left side of the field. At first, they weren’t sure what was going on — then they heard an unmistakable sound and saw what all the teens were looking at.


A very interesting thing happened during the Bison girls game on the Siebel Soccer Park in Great Falls, Montana. This event got the attention of the Internet users due to its unusual nature.

The sports field is like every other in the country. There is nothing special about it. However, a unique tradition kept on the field makes this sports arena very peculiar.

About this tradition we could learn more thanks to the video that was uploaded on the Internet. This unique practice was recorded by one of the spectators.

On Thursday afternoon the Bison girls were playing against Brute. However, in the middle of the game the players suddenly froze.

All of the girls stopped playing, upon hearing a very familiar sound. The referee, obviously familiar with their traditional practice, stopped the game for a short period of time.

These girls knew what they were doing and they really amazed us.

The thing that made the girls stop playing was the national anthem. Upon hearing the national anthem, the girls froze and paid respect to the national song.

The anthem was not played on the field itself, but in the Malmstrom Air Force Base. The base is just across the Siebel Soccer Park and it can be heard very clearly.

As usual, 4:30 is the time when the national flag is lowered and the national anthem is played in the background. This is a well-known practice not just for the military staff, but for the residence as well.

Therefore, the girls knew what to do. They stopped running, placed their hands on their hearts and honoured the national flag.

This was very interesting for the spectators and therefore we do have the recording to witness this fascinating tradition.

This tradition was not practiced until the teams started playing at the Siebel Soccer Park.

This tradition started with Willie Pyette. He took over the coaching position in the team. As a new coach he decided that the girls will be playing in the Siebel Soccer Park.

The girls continued their practice and their official matches in the sports field. However, something interesting has been immediately noticed.

The daily tradition of playing the anthem in the military base could be heard in the park as well. Therefore, the coach decided to make it a tradition of the team as well.

As a result of that, the anthem and paying respect to it are part of the Bison and the Rustlers’ routine. Whenever they hear the anthem, they stop and continue playing after the anthem is done.

The teams’ tradition says that you are allowed to play after the anthem is over.

The coach and the players do not see this as a political statement, but a simple patriotic act. Pyette says:

”I have our team stop, stand at attention and honor the anthem. Then we go back to practice. We all stand and show respect.”

He adds that the tradition is unique and it will be kept as long as soccer is played at the Siebel Soccer Park.

These teams show some real love and respect for our country. Their tradition is an evidence that some things have utmost value in our lives, like the national symbols for example.

Neglecting, offending or even protesting against the national symbols is not just a protest or offending act towards the country, but towards its people as well.

These girls taught us a valuable lesson. Well done girls!