Neil Diamond changes lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” to promote steps against the coronavirus

His voice is still as enchanting as ever.


One thing that the coronavirus pandemic, which seems will not come to an end any time soon, taught us is that we should never again take things for granted. Walking to the park with your friends, having coffee at the local coffee shop, or organizing a birthday party and inviting those you love the most. These are all things that we were forced to forget about for more than a whole year now, and we have to admit that things haven’t been easy.

Many lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet, and the number of those who died is huge already.

During these tough times for each and every one of us, we realize that the only way to overcome this situation is to stand together in the fight against it, respect the rules, and do our best to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Neil Diamond, one of our favorite musicians of all time, is helping people stay sane the best he can; by offering to us his incredible music. This time, however, he is promoting steps to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by changing the lyrics of his iconic song Sweet Caroline for a musical PSA about the virus.

Needless to say, people love it and praise his creativity. This version has been seen over 2 million times with people saying things like: “His voice has a way of putting my heart at ease. Tender and kind and sounds as beautiful as ever. Many memories with his music.”

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