Cops step in for an elderly woman with dementia and no food in her fridge

Officer Marquis helped raise money for Ms. Tina and made some clarifications after speaking to her two sons.


Officer Marquis Hines of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office in Houston and a fellow police officer got a call about a 92-year-old lady named Tina who had been spotted by the neighbors going up and down the street on the cold. They said how they sometimes let her in to warm herself up, but still, she needed help.

When they answered the call, they noticed how the woman’s place wasn’t very clean and the only thing in the fridge was a bottle of milk, some old lemonade and Cheerios. According to her, her two sons hadn’t visited in a while, and that made Officer Marquis share Ms. Tina’s story on the social media.

Got a welfare check call of a 92 yr old woman, who sometimes walks up and down the road and doesn’t know where she is….

Posted by Marquis Hines on Thursday, 5 March 2020

“Without her knowing, we left and got her some groceries for her home. Big rotisserie chicken, some sandwich items to last a week or 2, some chunky soups, bunch of chips and meat, some waters. Knocked on her door and she was all smiles and in disbelief someone actually cared enough about her to even help.”

Officer Marquis even started a fundraiser to help this elderly lady with her needs and thanks to kindhearted people, the goal of $10,000 was quickly surpassed.

People praised these officers’ action and were quick to judge Ms. Tina’s sons who didn’t take care of their mother whose health was obviously not good.

Source: Facebook – Raising money for Ms. Tina

However, once the story went viral, it turned out Ms. Tina wasn’t really telling the exact truth, of course not on purpose but because of her dementia and because she tends to forget things easily. Her sons contacted officer Marquis and explained how they do visit their mother very often, but she forgets that. She even forgets that she had a meal and eats multiple times a day.

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Posted by Marquis Hines on Saturday, 15 August 2020

He then posted again and apologized to Ms. Tina’s sons for depicting them as bad people before learning the entire truth. “I want to apologize to the sons for making it seems as if they just left her on her own for good. NOT the case. I judged based on what Ms. Tina said who tends to forget very very quickly and the living condition of her home. Her sons are involved in her life like a son should be, but can’t dedicate every minute as they have their own children and jobs also. I respect the family a lot more after speaking with them and knowing that she will forget a meal she just ate a couple minutes ago.”

Little buddy said he on duty tonight if we need help.

Like I said in the beginning, change the world one smile at a time😎

Posted by Marquis Hines on Thursday, 31 October 2019

He even asked people to blame him for the misunderstanding.

“So I want to ask everyone to not be so harsh on them and speak badly of them because it was MY fault for judging without the full story.”

The money raised will still be used to help Ms. Tina and her family, especially for medications and doctor treatments.