Precious moment shared between a sister and her baby brother is caught on camera

What a precious moment!


The bond between brothers and sisters is a very strong one. They are very likely to fight and get into arguments while growing up, but despite the disagreements, they always know they have someone to rely on in their sibling.

Honestly, as much as brothers care for their sisters, I believe sisters do it twice as much, and that can be seen from the video below. Maybe it is like that because females show their feeling more often and aren’t afraid to admit how much they love someone, which is not always the case with men.

As the mom who shared the video below entered the room, she spotted her daughter playing with her little brother. The little boy is happy his sister is by his side and reaches for a hug. What a precious moment! We are glad it was caught on camera and we are sure these siblings named Gabby and Liam would appreciate this video when they grow older.

Many of the 8.6 million people who have seen this commented how they miss those days when they and their siblings were young.