Baby Annoys Passengers On Flight, But Mom Hands Them Something Out

South Korean mom felt anxious when she boarded the plane with her little baby, so she had no other choice but to go through with her plan. However, doing so, she needed the passengers' help.


Being a parent means undertaking responsibilities and putting actions into work, whenever there is need of them. You always have to be prepared to find your way out of an unpleasant situation that you kid, especially baby, might put you in.

When you are home you can easily solve the issues concerning your kids. However, when you travel and you have to move around the globe, even the minor problems can be embarrassing or even quite serious. All of these things were taken into consideration by a young mother that traveled from Korea to the United States.

This story would not have been known to us if Dave Corona did not share the story and the images on Facebook. The normal regular flight from Korea to the States turned out to be quite uncommon and very surprising.

The flight from Korea to the USA lasts 10 hours, which is very long for a baby. Therefore, the mother came up with some unique ideas of settling her fears that the baby will disturb all the passengers in the plane. All passengers on the plane got, believe it or not, a bag full of candies and a very interesting note.

The note says:

This impressed and pleasantly surprised all the passengers. They marvelled at the mother’s attention to details and care for other people’s comfort. Buying all those candies, printing and cutting all those notes is a time-consuming task, but the mother endured all of that just for the baby and passengers’ well being. Incredible!

Since Dave was a cameraman, he shot some photos and shared the story on-line. This story amazed thousands of people. Even though the baby was calm and did not cry during the flight, the gifts and the note were still recognized and appreciated by all passengers. Their surprise was obvious.

There are not many people like this mother in the world. She deserves all words of compliments and admiration. Well done!