Mom loses it when teen brings home fake baby from school

Mom was surprised when her 14-year-old daughter Olivia brought home an interactive baby one day after school. Apparently it was part of Olivia’s school assignment for her Early Childhood Development class, but as the days progressed with Olivia and her “baby” mom made a huge realization that quickly made headlines.


Lawren Cole Galloway, a mother of four children, got a very unpleasant surprise by her teen daughter. Olivia, the oldest child, was 14 years old and one night she brought home a crying baby. This shocked the mother. With all of her duties and responsibilities, she couldn’t handle raising another baby, even though she knew very well how to take care of a small baby. Olivia, on the other hand, had no clue.

However, as a good mother, she did help her daughter. Whenever Olivia was having a problem with the baby, whenever the baby started crying loudly, Lawren was there to take some pictures. She started giving her daughter a real-life lesson. Besides giving her daughter a good lesson, she was persistent to make her daughter give William back.

Fortunatelly for the teenager William is not a real baby. He is a baby doll, very real in appearance and needs. He was programmed to show all types of behaviour of a real baby. He was even programmed to cry for some natural ‘needs’.

Lawren posted the story on Facebook and she wrote:

“Meet William. He’s Olivia’s interactive baby assignment for her Early Childhood Education Class. Now, meet Olivia with William. She’s had him since Friday night. She is absolutely exhausted and ready to quit the class and give William back. (Maybe even throw him back).”

This was a very educational experience for both of them. While Lawren was having fun looking at her daughter’s struggle, Olivia was very annoyed.

“She was crying real tears while feeding him his bottle. She was begging me to help her because she just wanted to get some sleep. ?? Yeah, no.”

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Lawren further explains the Olivia’s struggle. She adds that William’s crying and ‘call for attention’ made Olivia’s dinners mess. She couldn’t properly eat or take care of herself. Lawren wrote:

“Long story short, Olivia had to warm her plate up 3 times. His feedings were taking nearly 20 minutes, he required a burp, diaper change and about 12 minutes of rocking. After a disastrous dinner, Olivia went to take a shower. She loaded William up in his car seat and took him in the bathroom with her. She finished up rather quickly and explained that she decided to take a bath instead.”

This experience was very frustrating for Olivia. The simple everyday routines, like showering or washing the hair, became unreal. The baby was always in a need of a ‘mother’.

Fortunately, Monday was the day when William was supposed to be given back. Olivia couldn’t wait for that moment. Since the baby doll is programmed to record the mother’s babysitting score, she turned out to be a terrible mother. She failed in almost every task. The baby’s record showed ‘rough handling’.

Her mother wrote:

“Olivia failed her assignment. Having siblings in NO way prepared her for what it might be like to have her own child. This assignment should be mandatory for both boys and girls in high school.”