Mean woman kick snow onto cat’s face but karma strikes back

The mean woman got what she deserved!


The way we treat animals speaks a lot about us as human beings. However, based on the fact that the number of stray cats and dogs is alarmingly huge, we have to agree that we failed at taking care of all those animals who are homeless and are left to fend for themselves.

And as though living on the street isn’t hard already, many of those animals suffer from mean humans who kick them and chase them away.

Just look at this cruel woman in the video below. The weather is cold and there is snow everywhere and one cat is staying outside. The woman keeps kicking snow onto the feline’s face as the poor cat feels helpless. But then, the animal knows it’s about time for her to stand for herself and does something incredible.


The woman is on the ground after the cat defends herself and jumps onto the woman’s face. Honestly, we are glad this mean person got what she deserved. Maybe next time she won’t hurt another animal.

Animal lovers who have seen the video are happy with the outcome. One person wrote “Gotta admire the agility of the cat!! Look at that controlled landing!” Others added, “What a bad ass little kitty!” and “The best thing the cat could do for that idiot lady!”

We say karma at its best, don’t you agree?

Take a look at the video below and tell us what you think.