Cute twin babies dance in perfect sync to Johnny Cash’s song

This has to be the best thing you'll see all day.


This has to be the best thing you’ll see all day. Cute babies dancing to the rhythm in perfect sync that make us wonder how is it possible for someone that young to be a better dancer than we’ll ever be.

Twins Reese and Levi got their new Jolly Jumpers and their parents assumed the little ones will have fun using them, but what they didn’t know was that their cute “choreography” will bring so much joy to everyone who saw them dancing to Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues.

Both babies, who are just 9 months old, are all smiles and love these new jumpers a lot. They are so energetic that it looks like they won’t be getting out off them any time soon.

Many of Johnny Cash’s fans are glad his music continues to live on and that even the youngest generations enjoy his everlasting hits.

Take a look at the video that has been seen over 3.5 million times below and don’t forget to share it with your friends; they’ll love it, too.