A Week after He Learns How to Walk, Baby Boy Stuns Millions with His Dancing

This baby boy's dance moves are so good, he stunned millions online.


Little babies dancing has to be the cutest thing you can stumble upon on the Internet, so it’s not a surprise why many of the videos featuring tiny dancers go viral in the blink of an eye.

When mommy Jolene Taylor posted her baby boy showing off his dancing skills, she couldn’t possibly assume millions of people would be stunned by it.

Source: Jolene Tahchawwickah Taylor

This baby is a true dancer in the making. His moves are so cute that he melted the hearts of many and his incredible energy triggered many smiles. People agree how his performance is infectious and makes you move yourself.

It’s no wonder this cutie pie became an online sensation. We really can’t get enough of him.

Source: Jolene Tahchawwickah Taylor

You have probably seen many people answering to the Git Up challenge so far. Honestly, most of those videos are fun and hilarious, but nothing beats this boy’s moves. This challenge that has gone viral was inspired by Blanco Brown’s song, the Get Up. Now, crazy dancing is all over the social media and on TikTok.

Source: Jolene Tahchawwickah Taylor

Brown even created a step by step tutorial so that people can master the moves easily and have fun along the way before they post their videos online. But what is very special about this energetic baby from the video below is that his rhythm is perfect and he’s able to do the moves although he only learned how to walk just a week before the video was taken.