Woman reunites with three chimps she raised and took care of 18 years ago

This is so touching to witness.


Do you remember the times when you dreamed of becoming a police officer, a firefighter, a teacher, or a model? Well, maybe you had other wishes when you were young. The thing is that not many of us get to fulfill those dreams from our younger days. Some, however, like Linda Koebner, never stop working hard on pursuing the profession from her childhood dreams.

This incredible woman has devoted her whole life helping and working with apes. And she knew she would be doing that since always.

Source: Argofilms/YouTube

As a 23-year-old graduate student, Linda got the assignment of taking care of three chimps who had spent the first six years of their life at a lab. These animals knew nothing about the outside world, so getting used to living at an open space was pretty hard for them. Luckily, Linda was there to teach them how. The first challenge was persuading the chimps to get out of their cages and explore the incredible island in Florida that was now their new home.

Source: Argofilms/YouTube

Because of their different characters, Linda named her new best friends Doll, Swing and Sparky.

It took her some time, but Linda helped the chimps acclimatize to nature and they soon understood it was how they were supposed to be living their whole lives.

Source: Argofilms/YouTube

Linda spent four years with Doll, Swing, and Sparky. During that time, they became a family and loved each other unconditionally. However, it was now time for her to go to another job, but she never forgot her chimps.

18 years after they last saw each other, Linda and the chimps reunited. She knew they wouldn’t forget her and the moment she met them she asked, “Remember me?”

Source: Argofilms/YouTube

At first, the animals were cautious, but curious enough to approach closer. As Linda expected, they recognized her, and the reunion is one of the most touching we’ve ever witnessed. Swing was the first to greet the woman he considered his mother. “I am so happy to see you,” Linda said.

Source: Argofilms/YouTube

The four spent a great day together. They hugged, and kissed, and played. Linda couldn’t contain her tears because she missed these loving chimps so very much and was overwhelmed to touch them again.

During the years, 30 more chimps inhabited the island all thanks to Linda, Doll, Swing, and Sparky.

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