Marine surprises little brother after spending a year apart

It had been a long year with Parker being away in the Marines and no one missed him more than his little brother Cash. He had no idea it was actually Parker who placed his marine hat in his hands, but once he turns around - it is a reunion that caught even his mom off guard.


Living separated from your family and from your friends is undoubtedly very difficult. Not being able to hug or kiss your loved ones while being miles apart is very painful and often requires a lot of strength to overcome the emotions.

There are many people who live or work in areas far from the birthplace where their closest family members reside. Whether the reason for staying separated is a work or study, the consequences are the same – we all feel homesick. Quite usually, being in a such situation does not mean that we struggle more with the professional tasks, but with the emotions that overtake us. This is equally difficult for those that go and for those that stay at home.

This battle with the distances and emotions is perfectly caught on camera, as it can be seen on the video below. The reactions and emotions are amazing.

The video posted on the Internet shows how the youngest member of the family struggles with his brother’s absence and ultimately with the surprise they have prepared for him.

His older brother has not been home for some quite long period and decides to come back. However, he, with the help of his family, designs a plan how to show up in front of his younger brother. He came up with quite interesting thing. They blindfold the youngest member of the family, while the older brother stands just behind him. To add a bit more suspense to the moment, they give him his brother’s hat in his hand and they ask him to guess what the object is. Very soon the boy guesses, but he still has no clue why such an object is given to him. Not until he sees his brother next to him.

Seeing his brother results with overflow of emotions. The boys starts hugging his brother while tears run on his face. The moment is so emotional and touching that leaves no one indifferent. The ending of the video is priceless.

Take a look at this touching video and see if you can hold your tears!