Man Learns Heartfelt Reason Why Teen’s Buying So Many Coats

He couldn't help but notice the young man getting ready to purchase all the jackets, so decided to ask him about it. The response he got blew him away.


It’s not uncommon to see people with overflowing carts at second hand stores. After all, being able to find amazing treasures at low prices can make it hard to resist!

But when a customer at a Goodwill in Canton, Ohio spotted a teen with an arm full of coats he became a little curious. Sure, they were probably a great deal – yet there was something about it that sparked his interest.

Flickr/Mike Mozart

The customer decided to approach the teen to find out why he was purchasing so many winter coats. He asked him about it, not expecting the young man’s answer to be so heartfelt and powerful.

As it turns out, he wasn’t buying the six coats for himself. In fact, he wouldn’t be wearing a single one of them at all. He was buying them for the homeless.

Being so touched by the teen’s explanation, the customer decided to snap a photo of him as he went to pay for all the coats – which totaled $65. Upon returning home he told his daughter about what he had witnessed and asked her to share the experience online so others could know of his selfless deed.

Facebook/Love What Matters

His daughter, Haley Stewart, posted the photo of the teen on Facebook along with the story and a beautiful message (which was shared by Love What Matters). She wrote:

“We don’t know who you are, Sir, but you deserve recognition! Keep being an amazing person! A very sweet and kind young man… My dad snapped his photo while shopping, after asking him what the coats were for, and it really touched his heart. We need more people like him, in this world.”

The photo of the kindhearted teen went viral, which is what led to his identity being uncovered. 19-year-old Fredrick White was the one in Goodwill that day buying the coats for the homeless – and even went back later to buy gloves and hats.

Fredrick had become inspired by an idea he saw on Facebook where people were hanging free coats on posts around the city to help the homeless. He also feels the United Way’s Get Connected program steered him in the direction of wanting to make an impact in his community.

He told WKYC News:

“One good deed for each person. Just wake up and do something different.”

Twitter/Amani Abraham

Although his act of kindness was about giving to others, the people at Goodwill decided they wanted to do something special for Fredrick as well. He was presented with a $200 gift card to be used at their stores.

It’s incredible to see people of all ages lending helping hands to those in need. Hopefully Fredrick’s heart of gold continues to inspire others!