Little Girl Senses Danger And Doesn’t Hesitate Taking Action

Alarmed, mom immediately pulled up the surveillance footage outside her front door and was terrified by the sight she saw.


As a parent, it’s easy to worry about your children day in and day out. One tries to keep them safe by advising them of possible threats, hoping that if a situation arises and you’re not around that your child will know how to stay safe.

When 7-year-old Emmy McCardell decided to go outside her house to sunbathe her mom didn’t think much of it. Emmy was relaxing on her sidewalk when suddenly a car slowly crept up to her house and a stranger inside said “Hello.”

In an instant Emmy knew something wasn’t right.


Confused, Emmy looked up from where she was lying and caught sight of the stranger. She immediately got up and that’s when the stranger asked a question that would pique the interest of any child.

The stranger asked:

“Do you want a bicycle?”
By that point, Emmy was already running towards the door when the stranger asked the question and she shouted “No!” as she ran inside.

Once inside, her mother Michelle was horror struck the minute she saw Emmy run through the door. She knew something wasn’t right and that’s when Emmy began explaining what had just happened.

It was every mother’s worst nightmare…


In Emmy’s words, a “Tricky Man” had greeted her, making her feel uneasy because he was a stranger. Emmy’s mom Michelle says she has always told her two kids never to trust or listen to a stranger that may approach them.

This was the moment Michelle’s lesson would either pop into Emmy’s head, or she would be lured into a dangerous stranger’s car!


Thankfully, in her daughter’s case, Emmy knew just what to do and didn’t hesitate to run to safety. Her quick thinking likely saved her life – and Michelle couldn’t have been more proud of her little girl.

Surveillance footage outside the home captured the whole thing and mom gets chills watching the footage. She can’t even imagine the horror that could have been if her daughter would have approached the stranger. As far as the suspicious man, police are now working hard to track down the vehicle.


Watch the chilling footage for yourself in the video below. It serves as a good reminder to all parents to educate their kids on staying safe.