Hubby Stops, Jumps Out Of The Car, Wife Realizes What Is Going On And Grabs Camera


At a young age we teach our children to give respect to their elders, thankfully, this is something that many of those children then carry on doing as adults too. Seniors now live much longer and we have and know more about medicine and life and so they need a little more help to get along sometimes too.

Thank goodness there are more people out there who will see opportunities to call in on an elderly person in need and help them out, one of those great people is Chris Carter…

Facebook/Tara Carter

He was on an outing with his family recently and Chris saw the perfect opportunity to help a senior guy who was hunched over and pushing a lawn mower, a large one at that!

Chris instead of just passing by, he turned and looked at his wife, then decided that he would do something fantastic.

Tara shared what he did with the Facebook page ‘Love What Matters’, She was completely taken back by her husband’s reaction at first, but she knew that what he did was really in his caring nature.

Tara said:

“This is one of the many reasons I love my husband. As we are driving home with Kylie and Gage, Chris suddenly turns the jeep around and says, ‘Take the food home and come back and get me.’ I didn’t know what he had seen but said okay.”

Facebook/Love What Matters

His wife was a little worried at first but then she saw what her hubby did next and it touched her, it was so warm and kindhearted. Chris’ lovely nature and thoughtfulness, he pulled over and parked the car up.

He jumped out of his car and walked over to the senior guy, he was finding the work with the lawn mower difficult.

Tara went on to say:

“We pull up and Chris takes the push mower from this elderly gentleman. I pray that my son learns from this and randomly helps people do things like his father does.”

Facebook/Tara Carter

How Chris reacted to this situation is a really good example of what we all should do as much as we can, respect and honor our elders, help them when they need help, he really showed the youth of today how to act by his example.

Chris’ compassionate act wasn’t done for attention, or to get noticed or any other selfish reason, he did it to help someone else because he cared and he is a good guy, such a selfless act.

Facebook/Tara Carter

It is after all times like these that Senior need a little help sometimes, I know if it was me that needed help like this I would really appreciate it, what a true gent!

The elderly guy was really grateful for Chris’ help, it’s the smallest gestures that can mean the most sometimes!

Facebook/Tara Carter

Have you eve done something like this to help someone? Is yes, then tell us about what you did in the comments; Your story too could inspire people to do the same!