Mom Makes Difficult Decision To Amputate Daughters Deformed Leg, But Look At Her Now!


To voluntarily have your daughter’s leg amputated is an incredibly difficult decision to make. This truly awesome story of facing facts and overcoming anything that has in store for you…

Born with deformed legs and hands, little Jemma Kelly was very special, he mom Tamara was shocked when she first saw her little girl.

She said:

“She only had three fingers on each hand and there wasn’t an ankle on her bottom right leg so it had formed in a hook shape”

Tamara Kelly

As Jemma grew a little older she couldn’t walk or play as normal children could.

She said:

“I want my daughter to lead a normal life, she’s an amazing little person and I will not let her life be changed by her disability”

Doctors said that there are a few options to try to help her daughter, her parents made the heartbreaking decision to have Jemma’s leg amputated above the knee-joint!

Tamara Kelly

Kelly said:

“We were given options to extend her leg with screws, metals, and rods, but we decided that if she had it amputated she could live a better life without countless surgeries”

At just 9 months old they did the surgery on her, then just before her first birthday she was fitted with a prosthetic leg, so she could adapt to it and move around like other toddlers.

They encouraged her to move around and to help her adapt to her new limb as much as possible!

Tamara Kelly

Her new prosthetic leg actually has a knee-joint, it allows Jemma much more movement and flexibility.

Tamara said:

“She does cheerleading, plays tee-ball, rides a bike, bounces on trampolines—if you covered her prosthetic leg you’d never know the difference between her and any other child… Now she can bend down to grab things like in tee-ball and so she’s just getting used to being able to kneel rather than throw her leg out”

Caters Clips

Tamara went on to say:

“When she was younger she used to stand at the couch and balance like a flamingo but now she’s walking, running and always on the move”

“When she learned to walk it was such a massive achievement…”

“We’ve had to undergo a lot of therapy and I’ve researched different ways to teach her how to move but now she’s just incredible.”

“We’re all incredibly proud of everything she’s done so far, she’s an amazing little girl”

Jemma and all her family really take the positives in life, they focus on what she can do in her life, which is nearly everything!

Tamara Kelly

Great luck To Jemma for the bright future she has ahead of her, you will achieve whatever you want in your life!

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