Harry claims his father made evil ‘Spare’ joke the day he was born – he really wanted a daughter, Diana said

Harry never truly overcame the grief and the pain that came with his mother's passing.


Following Princess Diana’s tragic death, her two sons, William and Harry, were left in despair. The woman who meant the world to them was suddenly gone, and they were left in complete shock and experienced grief which is present until this very day.

Over the years, Harry accused the press for having part in his mother’s passing as they wouldn’t leave her alone. On the day she lost her life, she and her partner Dodi Fayed, the son of Egyptian billionaire Mohamed Al-Fayed, her driver Henri Paul, and her bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones crashed the Mercedes in the Pont de I’Alma tunnel in Paris while trying to escape the paparazzi.

The surgeon who was working at the hospital in France the night Lady Di died, MonSef Dahman, has spoken of what had really happened and what led to losing the People’s Princess.

“The thought that you have lost an important person, for whom you cared personally, marks you for life,” he told Daily Mail.

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He recalled starting his shift at 8 a.m and being at the hospital the entire night. At approximately 2:06 a.m, around an hour and a half after Princess Diana’s accident, she was brought to the hospital. “I was resting in the duty room when I got a call from Bruno Riou, the senior duty anaesthetist, telling me to go to the emergency room,” Dahman told Daily Mail. “I wasn’t told it was Lady Diana, but [only] that there’d been a serious accident involving a young woman.”

The X-rays showed serious internal injuries, and Diana was given blood transfusion.

Sadly, she then suffered another cardiac arrest. Dahman performed a surgery but her heart couldn’t be restarted. “We tried electric shocks, several times and, as I had done in the emergency room, cardiac massage,” Dahman explained. “Professor Riou had administered adrenaline. But we could not get her heart beating again.”

“We fought hard, we tried a lot, really an awful lot,” he said. “Frankly, when you are working in those conditions, you don’t notice the passage of time. The only thing that is important is that we do everything possible for this young woman.”

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Harry recalled the moment he got word of his mother’s passing in his book, Spare. He described how his father sat beside his bed, telling him: “Darling boy, Mummy’s been in a car crash.

“There were complications. Mummy was quite badly injured and taken to hospital, darling boy,” Harry recalled his father saying. “He always called me ‘darling boy,’ but he was saying it quite a lot now. His voice was soft. He was in shock, it seemed.

“With a head injury. They tried, darling boy. I’m afraid she didn’t make it.”

The prince further claimed that Charles put his hand on his knee, saying: “It’s going to be OK,” but that he “didn’t hug” him.

“Everyone knows where they were and what they were doing the night my mother died,” Harry stated.

“I cried once, at the burial, and you know I go into detail about how strange it was and how actually there was some guilt that I felt and I think William felt as well, by walking around the outside of Kensington Palace.”

“There were 50,000 bouquets of flowers to our mother and there we were shaking people’s hands, smiling,” he continued. “I’ve seen the videos, right, I looked back over it all. And the wet hands that we were shaking, we couldn’t understand why their hands were wet, but it was all the tears that they were wiping away.”

Princes William and Harry walking behind her casket on the day of her funeral is an image many Britons could never forget.

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When then-Prince Charles and Lady Di got married, the pressure of having a baby shortly after the wedding was immense, so when William was born everyone was thrilled. However, the arrival of Prince Harry was a different story. According to Diana: Her True Story, Charles wasn’t happy that his second child was a son. “I knew Harry was going to be a boy because I saw on the scan,” she explained. “Charles always wanted a girl. He wanted two children, and he wanted a girl. I knew Harry was a boy, and I didn’t tell him.”

“First comment was: ‘Oh God, it’s a boy,’ second comment: ‘And he’s even got red hair,’” Diana added.

On the day of Harry’s christening, Charles allegedly told Queen Elizabeth, “We were so disappointed – we thought it would be a girl.”

“Mummy snapped his head off, saying: ‘You should realized how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.’ Every since that day, the shutters have come down, and that’s what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him,” Diana said, adding that as Harry was born, their marriage “went down the drain.”

Among the rest, in his all-tell memoir Spare, Harry opened up about a joke his father made about him.

On the day Harry was born, Charles allegedly told Diana, “‘Wonderful! Now you’ve given me an heir and a spare — my work is done,’” Harry wrote of his dad’s words in Spare.

“On the other hand, minutes after delivering this bit of high comedy, Pa was said to have gone off to meet with his girlfriend,” Harry said, referring to now-Queen Camilla. “So, many a true word spoken in jest.”

Harry never truly overcame the grief and the pain that came with his mother’s passing.

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