It is during the hardest of times that we see who our real friends are and who is a good person and who isn’t that much.

As we all know already, Texas got struck by extremely bad weather and low temperatures. Over 2.3 million homes and businesses were without power and Texans have been reported to be on the hunt for food and clean water. According to WFAA, although the power was restored in many areas, the citizens are still struggling to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

And as everyone is doing their best to overcome this situation, one person, Raymond Garcia, is spending his time offering help and fixing people’s broken pipes as well as shutting off water to those who want to protect their vital water supply. What’s most, he’s doing all that free of charge.

PAYING IT FORWARD: Raymond Garcia has gone door-to-door to help his neighbors in need. But aside from the crisis happening around him, he told us there’s a personal reason why he’s doing what he’s doing.

Posted by ABC13 Houston on Wednesday, 17 February 2021

The reason why this kind-hearted person decided to step in and help those affected by the storm is that he lost his mother a few days ago due to COVID-19 and most of the people he knows, including his neighbors, were there by his side during his hard times and offered their help and support. According to Garcia, all he does is paying it forward.


On Wednesday, when he was supposed to bury his mother, Garcia went from home to home to help others survive instead. “My mom always taught me if you help and give to people, God will always bless you. And you know what, I’ve been blessed,” Garcia told ABC13 News.

A 😢💕Sweetheart ♥️. Prayers for the loss of your mom Raymond Garcia. God bless your soul. 🙏🏿❤️💋 ty

Posted by Regina M MIles on Thursday, 18 February 2021

Thank you Mr. Garcia for everything you do, it is because of people like you that our faith in humanity is restored.