Army veteran offers home-made meals for truckers stranded on icy roads during storm

What a beautiful thing to do for someone in need.


As if the situation with the coronavirus isn’t concerning and threatening enough, many U.S. states faced extremely bad weather and storms so powerful that millions were left freezing and without power. The high winds and blizzards made it extremely difficult for drivers to get to their destinations as most of them never experienced such severe weather conditions and icy roads.

The major snowstorm that first hit Texas and Oklahoma spread east across the Mississippi Valley into the Southeast United States. People are being hospitalized after they found themselves in a pileup caused by the icy roads in Oklahoma.

The snow led to many roads being shut. The major highway into the Mississippi city of Vicksburg has been closed, and that led many drivers, especially truckers, to get stranded in freezing conditions.

However, no matter how bad everything seems, you know how they say, “There is always light at the end of the tunnel,” and that ray of hope for many of these people who found themselves stuck in the snow and away from their homes is a woman named Evelyn Fletcher, a retired U.S. Army Veteran.

Fletcher cooked 65 meals on Monday only and gave them to the truckers. “Just show people who God is outside the four walls of the church because we go to church,” she said. “We are a fellowship, but what good is it if we’re not helping our fellow man and woman?”

After she posted on Facebook about her meals, a lot of people from the community decided to join her. And not only them, but also the local catering company T’Beaux’s Crawfish and Catering in Clinton.

“We just wanted to help the community out,” Molly Kate Adams, whose family owns the catering, told WLBT News. “Some businesses are still struggling because of COVID. They don’t really have the extra food, but if you can it’s nice.”

Meal for tomorrow.

Most truckers are gone. However, the hotels are still full with guests and some staff are staying…

Posted by Evelyn Fletcher on Tuesday, 16 February 2021

What a beautiful thing to do for someone in need.