Girls brutally fat-shame man waiting for food in McDonald’s: Seconds later, karma turns on them with full force

Girls brutally fat-shame man waiting for food in McDonald’s: Seconds later, karma turns on them with full force


How someone looks like and what they eat shouldn’t be anybody’s business. However, many times, people believe they have the right to judge others only because they consider themselves smarter and better looking. This type of behavior is inappropriate and rude, and affects person’s privacy.

The below video shows two girls waiting in line to order their meal at the local McDonald’s. At one moment they notice an overweight guy standing in front of them, and that’s when they start laughing and ridiculing his physical appearance. They have the courage to speak directly to his face, saying how he is “fat” and how he shouldn’t be eating at McDonald’s or anywhere else.

How would you react if you witness this type of bullying while at your favorite restaurant? Would you step in and stand for the victim?

This is actually a social experiment conducted by the YouTube channel Troll Station that will let us know how many people would be willing to defend someone who is publicly shamed for being obese.

YouTube/one lonely Dude

I don’t know what your thoughts on this video will be, but I honestly believe that it took the onlookers a lot of time to interfere, while the girls won’t stop mocking the guy, constantly repeating he should leave the store without getting any food.

YouTube/one lonely Dude

Check the video and see the facial expressions and eventually the reactions of people when witnessing such a horrible scene.

At the end of the day, being obese is not always a person’s choice. We should always have in mind that each individual is going through tough times during their life that may affect the quality of their lifestyle. Or, being overweight can be a result of a hormonal dis-balance or other similar condition.

Would it kill us if we show a bit of empathy and compassion for those that don’t fit the “standards of beauty” we sometimes tend to follow? I guess not. But people can be cruel and emotionless. Luckily, there are always those who won’t put up with bullies like the two girls in the video, and that gives us hope that not everything is as bad as it looks.

Note: high use of profanity — watch with caution.

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