Stranger Helps Woman And Receives Surprising Payback

Three years ago, Chris Wright was compelled to stop his car in the pouring rain after church for a woman he’d never met. Little did he know how that decision would significantly impact his life just three years later . .


Life is full of surprises and many times when we act in a certain way we don’t really realize that what goes around comes around. The good thing is that this is true for good deeds as well.

This story is just another reminder that we should always lend a helping hand to those in need of kindness and a few words of compassion, because we may never know the impact we have on someone’s life.

Chris Wright was on his way home getting back from church when he and his family stumbled upon a lady staying in the middle of the road during a heavy rain. They didn’t stop, but continued driving. However, once they got home, Chris felt he made a mistake for not stepping in and told his wife:

“I have to go back. I have to help her.”

Carmen wasn’t at all surprised by her husband’s action.

“You know when you have an urge and a desire something to do good? He was raised that way. He’s kind and generous to everyone. He’d never picked up anybody before, but he felt compelled.”

He got in the car again and was determined to track the lady down. He prayed she was still there. Luckily, he could easily spot her walking in the rain. Apparently, she run out of gas and money and had no one to ask for help. Chris was more than happy to pay for the gas and give her some cash.

The woman who introduced herself as TunDe was beyond grateful for what this generous man did for her.

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Life went on for Chris who now had worries on his own. His mother Judy was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease and needed an around the clock care.

Because of this, Chris hired some nurses that would assist his parents who weren’t able to do things by themselves.

One of the nurses, however, seemed to take extra special care of Judy. Carmen said:

“She cared for her in the most respectful way. She had the utmost respect for human life.”

This nurse and Judy became really close. One day, she even shared her life story with Chris’ mom telling her how she didn’t have it easy, until an event form 2014 completely turned her life for the better. Apparently, a man helped her one day and that gave her hope to continue her fight and become a nurse.

And as you are guessing already, that nurse was TunDe and the person who changed her life was Chris.

“The encounter that had blessed them both three years ago, came full-circle. We don’t believe in coincidence. We’re a family of faith.” Carmen said.

Chris simply couldn’t believe that a couple of bucks for gas and a lift could inspire someone to do such a drastic change. He was really happy for his acquaintance. But this is not how the story ends. Chris learned how TunDe wanted to continue her education but needed money for the tuition. He and his family were willing to help this loving lady again.

Sadly, Judy passed away, and that’s when Chris decided to ask his family and friends to do a kind deed and instead of bringing flowers at the funeral, to donate that money to the YouCaring Page they set up to help raise funds for the tuition.

To TunDe’s surprise, the family raised around $20,000. She couldn’t believe she was given that much money. These people were sent from God. They not only changed her life, but made it perfect and filled it with joy.

Screenshot via YouTube

After a short period of time, random people donated additional $14,000. That was enough for TunDe to purse her dream of becoming a professional nurse. Words couldn’t describe how grateful she was for everything Chris and his family did for her.

This girl’s reaction to the surprise is beyond adorable.

Don’t forget to help a person in need whenever possible, because people like Chris and their good deeds is what make this world go round.

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