Elderly woman is determined to pay for her roof repairs but contractor tricks her into paying nothing

She wouldn't accept the roofer’s offer, but he found a way to help her anyways.


Fixing things around the house can cost us a lot, and when it comes to big repairs such as damaged roof we even have to spend a little fortune. 

One 70-year-old woman named Jeanette MacDonald found herself in such trouble and feared the contractors could rip her off as everyone knows how they charge lots of money. 

However, no matter how much she had to spend, the roof just needed to be taken care of as MacDonald lived with her grandsons and she feared for their safety. 

She found a roofing company that started with the process of repairment, but that didn’t last long as the contractors left the job halfway true once they came across a better paid offer and still charged MacDonald for the unfinished work. 

She tried hiring another company but she didn’t have enough money so she applied for a government grant that would help her cover the costs.  But time was passing by and she didn’t get an answer. 

During that time, one of her neighbors who was a roofer, Jeremy Locke, would always look at MacDonald’s roof whenever he was driving or passing by her house and always felt bad for her as he assumed she either couldn’t afford to pay for the repair or she couldn’t find the right people for the job. 

Months passed by and MacDonald’s roof was still greatly damaged and Locke just couldn’t allow for that to go any longer so he decided to step in and offer help. 

He believed his elderly neighbor would be thrilled by his offer and was left confused when she said she couldn’t accept for him to take care of the roof free of charge. 

Locke went to work that day but couldn’t stop thinking of MacDonald’s roof. He just knew she was way too proud to accept his offer so he had to come up with a way to help her fix the problem without making her feel bad about it. 

Once you hear what Locke did next will leave you speechless. This generous man came up with a brilliant plan. 

He showed at MacDonald’s doorstep one day and told her how he was organizing a raffle asking her to get herself a ticket and wait to see whether she would win a prize. Little did this woman know that she was the only participant in Locke’s “game.”

A couple of days latter, Locke told MacDonald how she was the winner of his raffle and started working on her roof which was completely repaired in just a few days time. The lady was over the moon. 

As no good deed goes unnoticed, Locke’s was also spread around the neighborhood very quickly. Some of his friends who knew how he “tricked” MacDonald thought the story was a great one so they shared it with other friends, and eventually, MacDonald learned about it but she wasn’t mad, on the contrary, she was thankful beyond words. 

This roofer really is a very special young man. Because of people like him this world is a better place.

We should all look up to the way he offered a helping hand to someone in need. 

If it wasn’t for him, MacDonald should pay more than $9,000 for her new roof and this way, she got it for free. 

Take a look at the whole story in the video below and make sure you share it with friends. You may inspire someone to do a kind deed.