Dad leaves 1-year-old in hot truck all day – mom looks inside and makes horrific discovery.


Each and every year the same problems seem to crop up, whether its animals or humans, the hot summer claims many lives.

How often are people told about the carelessness and extreme danger of leaving a living breathing human or animal inside a hot vehicle, under any circumstances at all?

Sadly it is a huge issue that has claimed countless lives, this particular guy left a one-year-old in the car, the little girl was found dead on the Wednesday in Nashville, Tennessee, inside a parked pick-up truck.

The metro police said that the little girl had been left there, in the pickup truck outside the family home in East Nashville after her father (adopted, not her blood-related father) had taken her sibling to daycare.

It was claimed that he forgot about her there in the car and so she stayed in her car seat…

The girl’s mom (also adopted, not her blood-related mom) found her in the truck in the Wednesday night, still strapped into her seat.

She rushed her to the Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt, but it was way too late and they recorded that she was dead.

It is unclear right now how long exactly she had been in the truck or if her adoptee father will face any charges for what transpired that day.

The investigation continues and the two parents have not been named until the police decide what will happen next, see the full story below:

This really is a tragedy no matter how it happened, such a great shame and such a hard thing to even think about, taken before her life even had the chance to begin.

It was most certainly the sort of incident that could have been avoided, and such a great and sad loss.

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