Listerine Isn’t Just A Mouthwash – Here Are 15 Incredible Uses Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Listerine is way more versatile than you think!

 Listerine is a popular mouthwash used for fresh breath, fighting gingivitis and whitening teeth.  But this awful tasting liquid is so much more than that…
There are at least 15 other uses for Listerine.

1. Stop Toenail Fungus

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Toe fungus is no joke!  If you feet are in terrible shape try soaking them in Listerine.   To rejuvenate them and get rid of the fungus and stink, add some Listerine to lukewarm water, and dip your feet in the solution. It may take a few soaks but it’s worth it!

2. Clean The Toilet

To get rid of nasty germs, just add a cup of Listerine to water and use this solution to clean off your kitchen tops, sinks, toilet seats, floors, and practically everything.

3. Cure The Itch

To save yourself from the pain caused by a bee sting, pour some Listerine on a cotton swab and put it over the bite or itch. The pain would diminish considerably.

4. Back-Up Deodorant

Soak a cotton ball with some Listerine, rub it on your armpit area, and odor will be gone all day long.

5. No More Dandruff

A little alcohol is great for your hair. Just add a cup of Listerine to water, rinse off your hair with it and get a lustrous mane sans dandruff. You’re welcome.

6. Flea-Free Pets

Now nobody likes it dirty. Okay, some might, but your pet definitely doesn’t! Keep them happy by getting rid of the fleas that breed on them. Just add a cup of Listerine to their bathing water, and save them from pests.

7. Facial Cleanser

The alcohol in Listerine is a great way to save yourself from embarrassing zits.  Just apply a small amount of Listerine to a cotton pad, apply it to the directly-affected areas,

8. Toothbrush Cleaner

Listerine does keep your mouth clean so it only makes sense that it would also keep your toothbrush clean too! Dip your toothbrush in a jar of water and Listerine solution and make your toothbrush bacteria free.

9. Screen Cleaner

Listerine is also handy to do away with all those grimy fingerprints on your TV, laptop, or cell phone screens. Mix some of it with water, pour it into a spray bottle.  Spray onto cloth  and use it to wipe away the dirt.

10. De-Odorize Your Trash

You almost expect your trash can to stink but after this you won’t.  Just dab a cloth or a tissue in Listerine and drop it in your garbage can. Not only will this keep your garbage stink-free, it will also add a minty smell to your kitchen.

11. Stop Lice

Lice is no reason to SHAVE your head as some thought in the past.  All you need to do is soak your hair in Listerine, then let it sit in a shower cap for a couple hours. Then wash your hair, and you’re good to go.

12. Remove Ticks

No one wants to be stuck with a tick. If you find one, simply place a paper towel that has been soaked in Listerine on the surface of the skin. It should let go after just a few seconds

13. Use as a bug spray

You can set off a bug bomb in your house but then you are left with the nasty odor.  We like using Listerine instead.  Spray some Listerine in the air just use a spray bottle. And as a bonus, it would give a super minty smell.

14.Use as an After Shave

If you happen to have cuts and itches after you shave, you can apply a small amount of Listerine to calm that fire.

15. Soothe Toothaches

Listerine also helps in getting rid of the pain caused by a toothache. Just dab a cotton with some drops of Listerine and keep it on the affected area.