Dad and daughter make breakfast while dancing together not knowing they’re being filmed

This is so cute, we can’t help but smile.


Every child should grow up surrounded by love and affection by their parents, because those two people whom they call mom and dad are the safest shelter a child will ever need or ask for.

The video below shows the beauty of the bond between fathers and daughters.

In their fathers, the girls will always have a protector, and that’s the cutest thing there is.

The father from the video is dancing with his daughter while making breakfast. The mom enters the kitchen and witnesses the heartwarming sight of the duo having fun and making sweet memories they will both cherish forever. She decides to take a video which she later shared online and captured the hearts of millions of people.

A lot of girls and women commented how the girl is the happiest out there for having such a loving dad. Those who lost theirs said this reminded them of the times they had their fathers by their side.

Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud that goes in the background only makes the whole thing more special. Check it out below.