Parents bury 2-year-old child in the sand up to her neck under hot sun, while they fool around in the water

The girl was taken away from the parents and placed in temporary care.


Not everyone deserves to be called a parent. While many moms and dads put their children’s needs on the top of the list of their priorities and make sure their little ones are well taken care of and protected, sadly, there are also those who are not really concerned for the well-being of their offspring.

A very sad incident took place recently at the Atlantic Ocean resort of Santa Clara in Buenos Aires, Argentina, showing exactly what we are speaking of.

A lot of passersby were shocked by the sight of a little girl buried in the sand with her head out and under the scorching sun. There was no adult around and it looked like the poor child had been in that position for quite some time. She was extremely hot but unable to move and cover her head. During that time, her parents were having sex in the water.

People gathered around and decided to alert the police of what looked like obvious child neglect.

It took the police quite some time to arrive at the scene and arrest the parents who put their daughter in danger. Speaking to the Argentinian newspaper called Clarin, as quoted by Daily Star, and eye-witness said that the girl was “hungry and sunburnt,” adding: “It was about 95 degrees Fahrenheit so imagine what that poor little girl was like.”

After the arrest, which both the parents resisted, it was discovered that the mother had drugs in her purse. According to the police, she possessed cannabis, ecstasy, and sedative Rivotril.

The two-year-old girl was taken away from the irresponsible parents and placed in temporary care.

Cover image: Representational (Source: Getty Images | Photo by Paul Biris)