Clogging champions win crowd with fun and difficult routine

This looks really fun but also very difficult to do. They picked the perfect song and had me mesmerized the entire time.


Probably there is not a single person out there that can resist a good beat. We all enjoy good song and music that makes us feel special. Wherever and whenever we hear a great song, our body starts moving like we are on the dance floor. Simple dance requires simple moves and less efforts in order to perform the act perfectly. But, even simple moves can make us sometimes breathe heavily. Image a person dancing with a planned choreography and difficult body movements? That must be so exhausting.

Clogging is undoubtedly one of those very difficult, but extremely amusing dancing acts. To many clogging doesn’t sound funny, while for others it is a very interesting and difficult dance that involves lot of physical efforts. However, clogging is very cool and since it’s not a very commonly performed dance, knowing how to clog is a ‘personal superpower’ for showing off. This dance is a combination of energetic moves and addictive rhythm and leaves no one indifferent.

Mastering clog dance is not an easy task. It’s a challenging thing to do. Whether you clog solo or in a group, several things should be considered in order to dance like a professional. Clogging requires lots of discipline, attention to details and collaboration with the co-dancers. The synchronisation of the movements and the energy of the dancers is what impress people. Tap This! are masters of clogging and they show us how to combine all these things in order to impress the audience.

On first glance, clogging looks very similar to the well-known tap dancing. However, these two dances, even though they appear similar, are in fact very different. The crucial difference between these two dances is that clogging is usually performed in line formation. Furthermore, these dances differ in the dancers’ outfit. Cloggers do not have metal soles on their shoes.

Tap This! is a dancing group from Lincoln, Nebraska. So far, four times Tap This! have become national dancing champions. The dancing group has earned a lot of trophies and their performances have been recognized by many professional dance competitions. This time Tap This! have amazed us with their great performance of ‘Uptown Funk’. The clogging is just wonderful.

With casual outfit, the 14 dancers of the Tap This! start the performance of this song. The addictive beat and the marvellous choreography blew people’s mind away. This perfect coordination of movements and taps are just mesmerizing.

Tap This! did a great job. With this performance they showed that clogging’s a very interesting and funny dance. This group does a lot to promote clogging as a modern dance.

Take a look at Tap This! wonderful performance by playing the video below.