Clerk Tells Man $600 Lotto Ticket Only Worth $5. Served Brutal Justice When He Returns

The clerk scanned the man's lottery ticket and told him he'd only won $5 when he'd actually won $600. But cops say she messed with the wrong guy. When he returned to the store a while later, she was blindsided when she found out who he really was.


Those of us who are lucky enough win the lottery and their dreams come true. Extra money is always a great thing and they do come in handy.

However, there is always that doubt of scamming. No matter how good the person is, there are always the fears of being scammed and cheated.

In some cases it’s the organizer who does the scamming, while in many cases it is the cashier that is responsible for such scamming.

A story of this type was broadcast by WBBH-TV. The story comes from Myers, Florida. 

Everything started with a guy entering Winn-Dixie Liquors to claim his money reward.

But, the cashier turned out to be nothing but a complete liar. Instead of giving the man $600 for the ticket, the cashier told him the ticket worth $5.

Clever trick for cheating people. The plan is intended to be working and that means easy money for the cashier. However, the things didn’t go as planned.

The cashier was Crystelle Yvette Baton. She took out $5 bill from her handbag, gave it to the man and took the ticker for herself. She thought the job is done.

Nevertheless, the surprise was about to be revealed. The man with the ticket was actually an employee of Florida Lottery Commission’s security division. He was undercover.

The cashier was caught. She was charged with larceny grand theft and she had to appear in court later in February.

Busting cashier workers is part of the regular obligations of the commission. According to the commission, they make “these random visits to sellers to make sure the games are played properly.”

Regarding this case, Winn-Dixie announced the following: 

“We are taking this matter very seriously as the trust and safety of our customers is our highest priority.”

Their promise was actually realised. Later they have said: “The associate’s employment has been terminated.”

Be aware of such people and scams. Many people are not even aware that things like these may happen, but they are more common than you think.

Thanks to the commission and their efforts, cashiers are being busted on regular basis. We do hope that this type of crime will be severely punished and people will not be cheated in the future.