Man and fiancee snap photo of cop, reveals officer’s secret rendezvous on side of road

When this man saw a sheriff’s deputy along the side of the road, he thought it was odd. He decided to take a closer look at what he was doing and when he figured it out, he took a picture. That photo revealed something the officer never expected others to find out...


Darren Ballard from Tacoma, Washington shared a great story with us. It’s something we cannot see on regular basis.

This resident of Tacoma, Washington was driving his car. In the car was his fiancée as well. While they were driving the car, they had to stop next to a police car.

When they stopped, Ballard saw the car of the sheriff’s deputy. The police car was not the reason for his surprise, though. What was happening next to the car got Ballard’s attention.

Thanks to Ballard’s interest to capture that moment we can all witness this interesting case.

The sheriff was sitting on the side of the road. At first glance it was difficult to notice what was actually happening. However, Ballard couldn’t miss the man sitting next to the sheriff.

For CBS News, Ballard says:

”I just couldn’t believe my eyes.”

What Ballard actually witnessed was a kindness in action. The good and kind heart of the sheriff was evident from the photo that has been posted. He shared his lunch with one homeless guy.

Ballard adds:

“I look over and there’s an officer in uniform, sitting on the grass, sitting with a homeless guy sharing a sandwich and I was just blown away”, he said.

He goes on:

“Just saw this cop having a sandwich with a homeless guy … wanting no attention just doing a good deed,”

Soon he posted the photo and added this comment:

“There are good police officers out there … this made my day, please share!”

The post and the image was spread immediately. Thousands of people saw what the sheriff did. Everyone admired the man’s kindness and generosity.

One person wrote:

“I think this is fabulous. Cops are humans too — just like this fellow that happens to be homeless.”

Another one added:

“Most are good people. It’s nice to see this side of them.”

Details about the sheriff and the homeless person appeared after the photo was posted on-line.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson Ed Troyer announced that the deputy wanted to remain anonymous. He also added that when he found the man he started talking to him and that’s how they meet each other.

The spokesperson said:

“Our deputy asked him if he was hungry the man said he was. So the deputy sat down with him and shared his lunch with the man,”

Furthermore, he explains that things like this one happen quite often in the department. They are proud of that.

In addition he appreciates the share of the news.

“It’s nice for the police, who do handle their job with the utmost passion and respect in the field, get a break with some good positive news for a change.”

A similar case is recorded in Jackson, Tennessee. Elizabeth McClain informs us about the scene.

She saw a homeless man at the side of the road. He had a backpack and his state made Elizabeth feel sorry for the man. He looked tired and hungry.

However, as soon as she saw the man, a police car came and a police officer approached the homeless man.

She posted the story on her Facebook page and she wrote:

”Imagine sitting on the side of the road with everything you own, fitting in a backpack.”

She goes on:

“You’re lonely and hungry. You put your head down to try and forget the scream of hunger echoing in your mind. Then you hear the sound of an engine stop.”

“You look up to see a uniformed officer walking towards you. Your mind flutters thinking of everything you might be doing wrong. Suddenly this officer sits down pulls out lunch and not only takes away your hunger but your loneliness too.”

She also adds:

“This is the side of law enforcement no one sees,” she said, reminding others that we are all human and deserve love and respect.”

“So share this.”

“Show this officer that his act of kindness didn’t go unnoticed.”

These two officers are excellent examples. They taught us a lesson  about how we should behave in our society. 

We should show more respect and support for those who are out of luck. They need us!

Well done Sirs!