Bus driver quits driving mid-route to save child

This could have ended so much worse…


When we think about heroes, the first thought that comes to our mind are the movie characters that save the world, not realizing that the real heroes are ordinary people who are among us, people who never hesitate to offer a helping hand or act quickly so to save a life. People like bus drivers.

Bus drivers and passengers alike have an unspoken trust when driving down the road to their destination. It’s not something we often stop to think about.

But every single time we hop on a bus, taxi, airplane or any mode of transportation for that matter, we have to put our trust in the driver. Reaching our destinations safely is something we expect.


Drivers, on the other hand, can only hope that their passengers have common courtesy. When children of any age hop on board, it’s impossible to know what could happen.

All thanks to one very observant bus driver, she was able to save the life of one of her 5-year-old passengers who was only trying to have fun. Her heroic story happened the day she took her shift.


She glanced back every once in a while to make sure they were behaving. All of a sudden she heard a noise which she will never forget.

One child alerted her that their friend was choking. She could hardly believe it, and her automatic reaction was to scream, “Are you serious?”


Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she had to decide in a split second what she should do. Though most people in this serious predicament would go into panic mode, she did something much different.

Demonstrating her care for others, she got out of her seat and did something incredibly heroic. It’s the people who are passionate about their jobs that push them to go above and beyond.


Watch the way she shows her ability to quickly halt the bus and focus on what was needed to be done in this heart-racing situation when the little boy choked on a random object. Reminding us all to be alert, caring, and loving, she saves this little boy’s life, all caught on camera in the shocking video below.

Her heroics were an absolute blessing to him. She rescued him without hesitation, prepared for the worst-case scenario.


After the penny was removed from the little boy’s airway, she remained with him to ensure he was okay. That had to be a frightening situation, but she handled it with aplomb.

The little boy was blessed to have a school bus driver who not only responded quickly in a dire situation, but one who cared enough about him as a person to comfort him.

See for yourself how incredible her efforts are and what a blessing she is to this little boy.