Boy’s Southern Shopping List Is Melting Hearts Across The Country

He had me laughing so hard I had to watch it twice - just wait until you hear his accent. ❤


Young kids can be hilarious. They are quite honest and always speak their mind, and very often say words they are not really allowed to, which makes them even more interesting and lovable.

One mother shared a video of her lovely son doing the grocery list and he somehow became one of the loveliest children we’ve ever seen on the Internet. His mother assigned him a very serious task and he simply makes sure he won’t miss any of the items they need to pick up from the store by carefully repeating them one by one.

Facebook/Chrystal Logsdon

It’s obvious he is pretty excited to be accompanying his mommy that he quickly grabs a pen and a pad of paper and starts listing the items.

However, what makes Chrystal’s youngest son so unique is his sweet Southern accent. Each word is filled to the brim with a down-home country twang!

The video mommy uploaded on her Facebook page vent viral and has been seen by more than eleven million people, all of which are stunned by the way he pronounces the words.

Facebook/Chrystal Logsdon

Although everyone agrees how he does it in the most adorable way possible, many wonder how can a boy that young have such a strong Southern accent.

According to scientists, that’s not an unusual phenomenon because accent starts developing at kids as young as six months.

The Smithsonian publication explains this, stating:

“As early as 6 months, [a baby] begins to differentiate one bit of verbal input from another, mentally reviewing and silently rehearsing for the moment when the vocal cords are ready to deliver. And when the words do tumble out, they will be reproduced with the distinctive, localized twang or lilt overheard in Mommy’s and Daddy’s (or Mama’s and Papa’s) own funny speech.

Accents, in whatever language, stubbornly hang in there for years, decades, a lifetime, without being easily rubbed out.”

So whenever a baby hears a word, it is stored into their brain along with the sound or the way it is pronounced. Children can have a bit of accent even when they say their first ever words.

This vocal imprinting is definitely what happened with Chrystal’s adorable little one. It looks as if he and his parents are pretty proud of the way he speaks.

Facebook/Chrystal Logsdon

Take a look at the little boy and make sure you share the video with your friends.