Baseball Player Spends 1st Paycheck — On His Parents For Christmas

"Because of all the sacrifices you made to get me where I am, I want our family home to be yours."


How fillal is he?

One day back in 2017, 21-year-old Pavin Smith was listening to his mother Pam talking about how many years she and his father Tim had left to pay off their house. It was a burden and a monthly obstacle to overcome, and it was clear that the money worries were a constant source of stress for his parents. It was then Pavin realized how he wanted to surprise his parents for Christmas. Pavin decided to use some of his $5 million baseball signing bonus to pay off his parents’ mortgage entirely, as well as a good portion of their home equity loan. He had wanted the gesture to come as a surprise to his parents, but people who know him were not surprised by his generosity. To many, Pavin was always selfless.

Pavin eventually progressed to a travel ball team after playing T-ball since a young age. When Pavin turned 12, Tim decided that he wanted to see him play more often if possible. Both of his parents invested their time and money in Pavin’s baseball ability, but they never expected him to play professionally. Pavin became part of the high school varsity team as a freshman – a year later, he was recruited by the team for Virginia. After entering the world of professional baseball, Pavin thought of his parents. He recalled the long car rides, effort and the money they spent on his training sessions. With his newfound wealth, he wanted to do something special for them. Pavin rolled up a sheet of paper like a scroll and buried it deep in the family’s Christmas tree, his parents found it – and the rest was history.

Watch the surprise happen again in the video below!

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