Baby dies after mother makes him drink vodka for a week so she could go partying

When she realized the baby is getting severely sick, she refused to hospitalize him because it would mean she had to stay by his side at the hospital during the holiday season.


Nadezhda Yarych, a mother from hell, did the unimaginable. She killed her own son by forcing him to drink vodka so that she could go partying during the holiday season in her hometown of Shebekino in western Russia’s Belgorod Oblast region.

The poor baby, 8-month-old Zakhar stood on his mother’s way to be out with her friends and have fun, while he was home alone, knocked out, and getting sicker and sicker with each passing day. When she noticed the baby wasn’t feeling fine, she took him to hospital. But she certainly didn’t plan on staying there with him.

Doctors discovered little Zakhar had a viral infection and advised for him to spend a couple of days at the hospital so that he could be treated. But Nadezhda refused. She claimed she knew how to treat him using natural medicine and left the place.

During that week, she rushed her son to the hospital four more times, and each time, she refused for the baby to stay there. One of her relatives reported how she said she didn’t want to spend the holiday season at the hospital but out partying.

Aware of the severity of her son’s condition, this cruel woman made having fun her number one priority despite Zkhar’s suffering.


Sadly, Zakhar’s tiny body failed to fight with the infection without any medications, and passed away on January, 5. It was later discovered how the infection was a result of alcohol poisoning.

Nadezhda’s husband and little Zakhar’s stepfather was aware of what was going on in the house, but he didn’t do anything to prevent his wife from killing the baby. He failed to report the case.

The investigation is still ongoing and no charges have been pressed so far. Police have not commented the matter yet, but the public is asking for the killer mother to be placed behind bars.


Alcohol can be fatal for babies and little children, as in the case of Zakhar. Consuming it leads to the blood sugar levels to lower which may result in seizures and even coma as the brain isn’t getting enough glucose to function properly.