Generous Woman Let Man Stay in Her Garage Temporarily– Now He Refuses to Leave

"It makes me feel like an idiot, it really does," Silvia says.


We tend to believe that the kindness we offer to others is what makes this world go round. But is it possible for the good deeds we do get us in trouble? Sadly, in the case of a kind-hearted woman named Silvia Arocha the answer to this question is yes.

When she met this man who was obviously down on his luck and trying to get down on his feet again she felt sorry and decided to let him stay in her garage. She used to rent the place that provided her with some additional income, but now she is left paying for the bills herself as it’s been three months already and the “guest” refuses to leave.

Speaking to Fox News, Sylvia who is 67 years old, says that she fears for her own safety and “feels like an idiot” for welcoming that man in the first place.

“He said he’s not going to move he has rights,” she added.

Sylvia is paying for his electricity bills, which are around $300 per month and that severely affects her finances.

The case has been reported to the police numerous times, not only by Sylvia, but her neighbors who complain of the man’s screaming and yelling.

Sadly, this woman is now unable to stay in her own home as she’s too afraid to be near this man’s side, so she spends time with family members.

“I’m afraid of him, I really am afraid of him,” Sylvia. “I don’t know what else to do.”

She truly hopes authorities will help her have this cruel man evicted from her garage as soon as possible. And we hope so too. But with the rule of banning evictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, it doesn’t seem likely to happen any time soon.