Terrified Mother Brutally Beaten by Husband as She Shielded 3-day-old Baby

He attacked her just 3 days after she'd given birth. Let's help spread Kerry's story!


A terrified mother from UK who got brutally attacked by her vicious husband is encouraging victims of domestic violence not to stay silent, because there is always a way out. 

Kerry Armstrong got severely beaten while trying to protect her 3-day-old son and used her body as a shield. Her husband, Gary Peoples then assaulted Armstrong’s 13-year-old daughter who witnessed the attack over her mom and tried to prevent it. 

The incident happened inside their family home, and Peoples wouldn’t let Armstrong get out. The poor woman couldn’t ask for help. But she eventually managed to escape the house and drove herself to her mom’s place. When her brother saw her bruised and bloody eyes and body, he immediately alerted the authorities. 

Shortly after, Peoples was arrested and charged with domestic violence. He was sentenced to 20 months in prison. 

Armstrong now spreads her story along with the photos of the injuries she sustained hoping other victims will be encouraged to step forward and prevent what is happening behind closed doors. 

Domestic violence can affect everyone, but if we stay silent, no one would be there to lend us a helping hand. 

“It has been quite a long time since this happened and it has been hard to get to this point,” Armstrong told BelfastLive.


“At times I just wanted to give up but I was determined to go through with it on behalf of other women who have suffered and who are still suffering from the effects of domestic violence.”

By sharing Armstrong’s story you will help her reach her goal of rising awareness of the devastating consequences of domestic violence.