On April 18, the lives of two young parents of three, 31-year-old Tony and 30-year-old Katherine Butterfield, ended in a horrific manner. The two were killed in their own home while their children slept upstairs, unaware their mommy and daddy will forever be gone.

The attack was reported by one of the neighbors who heard screaming and gunshots. When the West Jordan police arrived at the crime scene, they found the body of Toni in the backyard, while Katherine’s was inside the home. A blood trail indicated that the two didn’t die without a fight and the killer was probably injured or stubbed before they managed to escape.

The news of the killing disturbed Utah citizens. The families of the couple were devastated. They mourned the loss of Toni and Katherine and were left heartbroken for their three angels who are now orphans.

The GoFundMe page set up to help raise funds for the sweet children read, “Our hearts are broken as we mourn the tragic loss of Tony & Katherine Butterfield and are concerned what comes next for their three surviving children… While we are so grateful that their children were not harmed, we are devastated at the loss of their loving parents.”


Those who knew her, describe Katherine as the most caring person ever. And the same goes for her husband Toni, who was said to be the best friend anyone could ever ask for. The GoFundMe page said Katherine was “a ray of sunshine with a vibrant smile” and Tony was “always ready with a witty remark that kept everyone laughing.”

The couple was further described as hardworking. They had their own business and Toni gave many people a job.

Katherine’s brother Aaron Crane said, “I had the privilege of working alongside Tony, and though problems would arise, I never once saw him complain or raise his voice. He was a well-balanced man.”

West Jordan police reported how they made a break in the investigation and arrested 31-year-old Albert Enoch Johnson who they believe is the person responsible of the killing. As for now, no formal charges have been pressed, however. His wife, 29-year-old Sina Johnson faces charges for obstruction of justice. She confessed how her husband, the suspect, knew the Utah couple as he tried getting a job in their landscaping company in the past.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, only few family members were allowed to attend the funeral of Toni and Katherine, and the rest could watch the service online. They all said how they will be there for the kids and will make sure they know how much their parents loved them.

The family hopes the GoFundMe page will help them raise enough funds to secure the children’s future.

“At this devastatingly difficult time, we sincerely request your generosity in making a donation, in honor of Tony & Katherine’s memory, to aid and support their beautiful little family,” the page says. “We know that there is nothing that we can do to bring back the parents of these dear children, but we earnestly hope that we can provide some measure of assurance and security for their future needs.”

We are so deeply saddened because of this tragedy. Our love and prayers are with the three children who lost their parents.