Baby Demonstrates CPR On Dummy

I’m so glad someone recorded this incredible sight. She is a little hero in the making!


As adults it’s easy to sometimes forget that kids pick up on everything that we do. Sometimes catching us off guard with just how observant they are of our actions and behavior. It can sometimes even get us into trouble! So when mom attended a CPR class with her baby girl she wasn’t expecting the baby to pick up on everything from the lesson that day. But what mom soon witnessed after class made her mouth drop.


Unbeknownst to mom her baby girl was paying extra close attention to the class that day. So after class when the baby saw a CPR dummy lying on the ground she didn’t hesitate to show off her new skills. As mom watched in awe she could hardly believe what she was witnessing. The baby crawls over to the dummy and begins to give it chest compressions as she babbles to the dummy, possibly checking in to see how the dummy is doing. But it gets even better.


After some chest compressions baby girl begins giving the dummy mouth-to-mouth. It may seem shocking but it’s true! She alternates between chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth leaving mom in complete awe of her little lifesaver in the making. Barely even able to walk, the family can certainly expect great things from their little girl in the future. It truly is remarkable how quickly children can learn things and implement them on their own. Watch the baby demonstrate her CPR skills in the video below. What a doll!