60-year-old wife gets makeover as birthday gift – husband gasps when he sees her incredible transformation


Age is just a number, as they say. But we all know that isn’t strictly true. As we grow older, it isn’t just the number that changes. Wrinkles creep in, you start to find grey hairs and your skin begins to sag. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, of course – there are plenty of beautiful pensioners out there!

60 year old Cindy didn’t feel beautiful. As her birthday approached, she decided it was time for a makeover. She wanted the image she saw in the mirror to match how she felt on the inside. So she contacted makeover expert Christopher Hopkins, and asked him to make her beautiful.

The result left both Cindy and her husband in shock…

Cindy hadn’t visited a salon in a while, and her hair felt dull and lifeless. On top of that, she had no idea how to do her make up to compliment her age. She hoped that Christopher could help her with that.

YouTube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Before Cindy sat in the stylist’s chair, she and her husband described their expectations on camera. Cindy had a lot of expectations, and her husband said that he didn’t want to influence what she decided to do with her look, only support her.

“I don’t want to give her my influences, this is her gift. She’s the canvas, she can paint the canvas the way she wants,” he explains.

YouTube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

Cindy wanted to be beautiful, but she still wanted to look natural. She also wanted to learn a simple make up routine that she could fix herself in the mornings.

Christopher cut and colored her hair. Then he showed her how to apply simple make up that compliments her skin type.

When everything was ready, Cindy’s husband got to see the final result. Do you think he was surprised?

YouTube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

She looks like a new person! Don’t you think?

YouTube/MAKEOVERGUY Minneapolis

In the video below you can see the full transformation as well as interviews with Cindy and her husband.

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