42 Great storage hacks and solutions! How she transforms a hanger is pure genius!

This is so smart - and turns out really cute!


It can be very difficult to stay organized around the house with more and more “stuff” piling up. When kids and pets are added to the equation the storage space is even more limited! Before you throw everything in a box and keep it hidden away somewhere, have a look at these clever storage solutions! These genius storage hacks will make organizing your home so much easier (and more fun)! And the best part – they’re simple and will keep your home clutter free!

1. Hanging a shoe organizer in your closet is a great way to organize paper towels or cleaning supplies!

Sew many ways

2. Add double hooks to the inside of a closet door to hang dusters and dustpans.

Sew many ways

3. Don’t waste any space! Covering exposed beams with wire shelves is another storage solution to use when organizing your home.

The Family Handyman

4. Have your clutches perfectly organized with a simple lid rack!

Fabulous Fashions 4 Sensible Style

5. Turn a low hanging coat rack into a great hanging shoe storage!

Sawdust girl

6. Declutter your desk using velcro to fasten your hard drive under your desk.

Apartment Therapy

7. No more cluttered cabinets using hooks in the shelves for hanging teacups and mugs. This looks so organized!

Penelope’s Oasis

8. Fruits and vegetables that don’t need refrigeration can be stored in baskets hung on a Pegboard.

Martha Stewart

9. Store plastic grocery bags (or dog waste bags) in an empty wet wipe container.

Nae Chic

10. Ice cube trays are great for organizing jewelry or craft supplies.

Nick and Caeli

11. Don’t know where to store your towels? Repurpose a wine rack – use it as a beautiful towel rack.

Apartment Geeks

12. Use small baskets in drawers to organize and store different types of makeup.

Fancy House Road

13. Declutter your bathroom using PVC pipes for storing your curling iron. Measure your curling irons and pick a PVC pipe accordingly.

The family handyman

14. Tired of not finding your tweezer? Install a magnet inside your medicine cabinet to hold onto it.

Real Simple

15. Or, use a larger magnetic strip to keep track of all bobby pins.

Super Woman

16. Use empty baby wipe container to store crayons for when you’re on the go.


17. Declutter your pots lids by storing them behind a towel rack inside of a pantry door.

Martha Stewart

18. Find a beautiful vintage frame and use nails to keep your sewing thread neat and organized.

Grey Luster Girl

19. Use egg cartons to store smaller christmas ornaments.

Ask Anna

20. Keep your batteries organized in a tackle box.


21. Place screws, nails and picture fasteners inside of different jars or canisters.


22. Organize tights neatly on a clothing hanger.

What I Wore

23. Place all Christmas and present wrapping paper in a garment bag for an organized and easily accessed storage.

The Chic Site

24. Create a simple, yet beautiful, jewelry organizer with tacks and a piece of wood trim.

Grateful Prayer Thankful Heart

25. Use unwanted wire hangers to hang your flip flops and free up floor space in your closet.


26. Cut a shoe organizer in half and place one half under the bathroom sink and the other under the kitchen sink to get some extra storage space.

Imperfect Home

27. Place a metal magazine holder inside a drawer for an easy way to store aluminum foil and saran wrap.

The Wandmaker’s Mother

28. You can also use magazine holders to store canned food.

PBJ Stories

29. Attach a command strip behind the high chair to hang baby bibs.


30. Paint your inner cabinet with chalkboard paint and add key hooks to store your meausring cups.

Tidbits From The Tremaynes

31. Attach magnetic strips on spice jar lids and use your fridge as a spice holder.


32. Make the most of empty spaces by adding shelves, small areas are great for storing glasses!


33. Add a few bars and hooks for organized and easy to access utensils

Not Martha

34. Easily organize baseball caps uwing shower curtain rings and a hanger.

Corn Flower Blue Studio

35. Use clip hooks to hang your bath products if you run out of room in the shower.


36. Put wet toys in a fruit basket after bath time.

8 Foot 6

37. Keep your desk organized by creating a one of a kind key and cable holder using LEGO


38. Tired of having basketballs, footballs and soccer balls lying around in the garage? Use bungee cords to create a great storage place for them!

Designed To Dwell

39. Placing your washer and dryer on top of a shelf gives you room for laundry baskets underneath.

Sweet Pickins Furniture

40. Use empty glass bottles for organizing your beautiful bracelets and watches!


41. Use crown molding to organize shoes in your closet.

DIY n Crafts

42. Add velcro to a dish towel to stop it from falling from wherever it is hanging.

Martha Stewart

Everyone loves a clutter-free and organized home. Please share these useful tips with your friends and family!