Couple Have The Surprise Of Their Life At Mom’s First Ultrasound, it’s One In Fifteen Million!


A childbirth is both a special thing and a unique miracle, each and every time, especially for loving parents…

There are some births that really are unique, in a way every birth is unique, but some more than other births.

This one couple has always said to themselves that they really want a family, and it wasn’t long at all after they got married that they found out that they were going to be parents.

They really didn’t imagine that they were going to have a pregnancy that was one in a million!

Tim and Bathani first met each other about two years before they finally married in the June of 2015, then around three months after that Bethani went to the hospital after she discovered that she was pregnant, for her routine ultrasound checkup.

When the nurse realized that the image on the ultrasound was very special, both her and the parents were in disbelief at what their eyes could see on the scan!

The couple never could have imagined in a million years that they were going to have four identical quadruplet girls, in fact the chances of this happening are about one in fifteen million!

Bethani said:

“I could not believe it, I was in such shock. Honestly, I thought the ultrasound tech was joking. I couldn’t believe it”

Although she had to have a C-section around the 33 weeks mark, in the June of 2016, four healthy little girls were born and called Grace, Emily, Abigail, and McKayla.

Neither mom nor dad of the little girls had any previous history of quads in their past that they knew of, however the children were conceived naturally, so, you can understand how rare his occurrence was!

If they had undergone any kind of fertility treatment, then we might understand that this happened, for for a natural conception this was completely amazing!

The couple are having a really hard time being able to tell the twins apart though, but to help with the problem they painted their toenails in different colors, its their secret code!

Caring for just one newborn baby is pretty hard work, but for four, managing day to day tasks really seems gargantuan, it’s a wonder how their mental state remains in tact each and every 24 hours!

Having four little cheeky babies is so much more expensive than you could imagine though and they rely on weekly donations to help them to survive sometimes too!

Bethani said:

“It’s really amazing, because there would be no way we could do this by ourselves”

The couple feel really blessed, even though sometimes they just don’t know how they are going to cope with it all.

The family now live with Tim’s mom, she really does love her grandchildren dearly, they make her feel so happy!

Life really has got surprises for us all, but its how we cope with those surprises that defines you as a person and show haw beautiful people we can be too!

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